[ SOME BY MI ] Red Teatree Cicassoside Final Solution Toner 150ml (5.07 fl. oz.)

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It remains the same even after you changed the products so many times? You may have hypersensitive skin. Red Teatree Cicassoside for 365 days sensitive skin. Red Teatree which provides more powerful calming care, frees you from worrying about irritation and help calm hypersensitive skin. Red teatree is a type of teatree plant that only lives in East cape island located in the north part of New Zealand helps calm down skin. HIghly concentrated Cicassoside extracted from Centella asiatica helps calm sensitive skin from irritants.

  • Moisturizing Toner that is as light as water: It provides skin with moisturizing hydration as soon as touches the skin and finishes with a light, refreshing feeling
  • Low irritation Dual Care for hypersensitive skin: Completed clinical test for suitability for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.
  • A powerful calming synergy of Red Teatree and Cicassoside: Naturally derived ingredients help calm sensitive skin.
  • Completed clinical test for improvements of dead skin cells and skin redness: Improvement confirmed by 2 weeks of test.
  • Low pH moisture cooling formula combined with PHA: Skin moisture cooling care and mild exfoliation care through PHA.
  • Completed clinical test.


At the initial stage of skincare routine, apply an appropriate amount on hand or cotton pad and spread gently on skin following skin texture. Pat lightly until fully absorbed.

Size: 150ml (5.07 fl. oz.)

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