OHUI Age Recovery Special 3-Piece Set

$ 129.00


A special skincare set that offers 3-steps wrinkle care to intensively firm aged skin. Age recovery skincare line helps improve skin elasticity with Baby Collagen™. Helps improve wrinkles and refine skin texture with youthful resilience.

This set contains:

  • Age Recovery Skin Softener 150ml
  • Age Recovery Emulsion 140ml
  • Age Recovery Cream 30ml
  • Age Recovery Skin Softener 20ml (sample)
  • Age Recovery Emulsion 20ml (sample)
  • Age Recovery Soft Amino Foam 45ml (sample)
  • Age Recovery Wrinkle Cut Serum 20ml (sample)


- Use the products according to your daily skincare routine
- Apply a moderate amount on face and dab for better absorption

Size: 3 Pieces + 4 deluxe size

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