[ MEDIHEAL ] Theraffin Hand Mask (10 Pairs)

$ 25.00


  • Compared to faces, hands are exposed to the air and ultraviolet everyday. It cause long-term accumulation of melanin. Furthermore, sweaty palms make nails fragile and skin dry out and causes hands wrinkles and aging.
  • Theraffin Hand Mask with no Paraben, Benzophenon, Sulfate, Artificial dyes, Triclosan, is passed the USA FDA Product safety test.
  • Wear it just as gloves and adjust the size with patented sticker (Patent no. 10-1005321) Play with smartphone or do your business with it while you are wearing gloves.


Wash your hands and completely dry them. Open the product, remove the mask and insert hands into each gloves.

Remove the paper at the back of sticker and adjust size on your wrist. (For better absorption, massage your hands).

Remove hand mask after 15-20 mins, massage hands with remained essence for further absorption.

No need to wash off.

Size: 10 Pairs

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