Jwellfood Pang Hyeon-suk & Choi Yang-rak's Instant Broth Soup, Shrimp Seasoning Pack, 100g (10g x 10 EA)

$ 13.20


Jwell Food is a delicious promise from nature. We will present a healthy meal with healthy food grown on our land as it is. It leads a healthy food culture by using excellent domestic raw materials and manufacturing food so that the whole family can enjoy it. I kept the purity of the taste and put my mom's love. I wish you a happy meal every day.

  • Great taste starts with great ingredients. We made a rich taste of nature using only real Korean products and Korean ingredients obtained from nature.
  • Our seafood soup base is a deep and cool broth pack that contains the taste of nature. Enjoy delicious food with the Korean Natural Shrimp Pack with your family!
  • The quality of the product is improved by using 7 ingredients. It contains rice, which reduces the fishy smell and has a rice water effect. It has a variety of flavors that are different from the original seafood, and instead of taking out the stock pack after using it, it can be reused as a ingredient for other dishes by opening the used pack.
  • You can pair with any type of food - use this to add that extra dash of savory flavor to your favorite dishes.
  • There’s a warm, savory, rich spice throughout the shrimp dashi pack that satisfies from bite to bite.

Size: 100g (10g x 10 EA)

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