Jwellfood Instant Soup Tablet Broth Stock Base, Spicy Flavor, 60g (3g x 20 Tablets)

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JwellFood is a delicious promise from nature. We present a healthy meal with healthy food grown on Korea land as it is. We have been leading a healthy food culture by using excellent Korean raw materials and manufacturing food so that the whole family can enjoy it. We keep the purity of the taste and put in mom's love. We hope Our customers have great meals every day.

  • This is a clean and healthy instant broth using eighteen natural ingredients. 11 kinds of agricultural products and 7 kinds of marine products are included.
  • Organic broth contains hot, spicy flavors. You can be felt as they are in nature, not artificial flavors. This natural tablet is a healthy natural seasoning that does not use flavourings, emulsifiers, antifoaming agents, magnesium styrene, or silicon dioxide.
  • There’s a warm, savory, rich spice throughout the broth that satisfies from bite to bite.
  • Convenient and clean use, simple packaging makes it easy to use even in environments where it is difficult to cook, such as camping and fishing, and clean use is possible with individual packaging.
  • You can pair with any type of food - use this to add that extra dash of savory flavor to your favorite dishes.


After bringing water to a boil, just stir in some of the bouillon. For a clear broth, add one (1) tablet for each 300mL of water.

Size: 60g (3g x 20 Tablets)

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