IOPE Men Bio Essence Anti Aging Skincare Set Special Gift with Essence, Emulsion, and Cleanser, 5pcs

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The Set Includes the Following Items:

  • IOPE Men Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning EX 145ml + 18ml

  • IOPE Men Anti-Aging Emulsion 120ml + 18ml 

  • IOPE Men Perfect Clean All in one Cleanser 50ml

IOPE Men Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning EX

Bio-Redox™ compounds optimize men’s skin condition for brighter and smoother skin. Made up of 91.7% IOPE Bio-Redox™ and developed with unique bio-incubating technology, Bio Essence instantly conditions men's skin. For easy skin care, try Bio Essence, a three-in-one aftershave, toner and essence. Improves men’s skin daily for brighter an healthier skin. 

IOPE Men Anti-Aging Emulsion

MEN SKIN EXPERT EMULSION An anti-aging emulsion that reduces the visibility of wrinkles, boosts skin firmness and provides effective care for other signs of skin aging. The adenosine compounds promote collagen synthesis and excretion for improved skin firmness and reduced wrinkles. The shea butter moisturizes and soothes men's dry skin. The stabilized emollient compounds form a moisture-locking membrane for quick absorption and effective moisturizing. The enzyme extracts boost skin firmness.

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