Illiyoon Ceramide Ato Concentrate Cream Body and Face Moisturizer 500mL (BIG SIZE)

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This cream offers deep hydrating and soothing effects for the face and body with patented Ceramide Skin Complex.

Refreshing and quick absorbent, the cream is also free from animal-derived ingredients, mineral oils, artificial colorings, fragrances and parabens.

Total beauty starts with head to toe moisture. Illi offers total moisturizing for body,
hands and feet by using ancient indigenous Korean herbs and remedies.
Illi seeks to provide relief for women who want more than basic skin care and seek
beautiful, resilient skin that resists the signs of aging. Using traditional Asian
herbs and medicinal findings with ingredients such as ginseng, beans, and camellia,
Illi revitalizes sagging or dry skin.

Patented Ceramide Skim Complex™ delivers rich ceramide to deep inside of skin.
Lactobacillus and soybean ferment extract cares stimulated skin and make it healthy.
Soothing irritated skin, Dermatologist tested / Allergy tested.


Apply and appropriate amount along skin texture
and gently pat to enhance absorption.

Size: 500 ml


Ceramide soft capsule absorbed through the skin improves the skin barrier.
Strengthen the skin barrier for protection against environmental factors, such as bacteria, to improve the skin from within.
Fragrance-free, Five chemical-free
Hypoallergenic test, Sensitivity panel tested 

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