Nacific x Stray Kids Fresh Herb Origin 4 Piece Set, with Studio Photo Cards 8 PCS

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Nacific x Stray Kids Fresh Herb Origin 4 Piece Set, with Stayz in Diary Photo Cards 8 PCS. Nacific Fresh Herb Origin set includes Toner 150ml + Serum 50ml + Cream 50ml + Mist Serum 100ml + Stayz in Diary Photo Cards 8 PCS (one of each member).

  • Fresh Herb Origin Toner 150ml -The Calendula Flower Water, brewed by tincture method, is a highly concentrated extract full of nutrients, which helps soothe and moisture the skin. Dual-functional toner for brightening and wrinkle car and remove skin impurities. Comfortable to use on all skin types including sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Fresh Herb Origin Serum (Anti-aging) 50ml- The Fresh Herb Serum contains Aloe Vera Leaves and Botanical Oil, providing moisture coating and leaving skin with a glowing finish. An anti-aging effect from Sepicalm, the patented antioxidant made up of lotus flower extract. The serum boost skin moisture level by 1.5 times more and helps to widen loose pore and soothe irritated skin with a help of pore complex-3 ( lemongrass, lime peel, and apple mint leave extracts).
  • Fresh Herb Origin Cream 1.69 oz / 50 ml-Triple layer moisture technology for faster absorption and thicker Chamomile moisture layer. Hydrates dry skin and relive and soothe sensitive skin. Moisturizes without stickiness and leaves your skin smooth. Reduce wrinkle and brightens the skin with a patented antioxidant component, Sepicalm, a mixed natural water Lily Extract, which it boost skin elasticity and prevents wrinkle.
  • How To Use: Toner->Serum->Cream (Mask-After cleansing, refine your skin texture, then take out the sheet and evenly apply it on the entire face. Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes, then remove the mask sheet. Gently pat until the essence is fully absorbed.)
  • Fresh Herb Origin Serum (Anti-aging) 50ml- The pore complex-3 work together to cleanse the loose pore and fill it up with moisture energy, leaving skin healthy and radiant. The serum is a non-comedogenic product, which is proven to be suitable for acne-prone skin, conducted by Derma Pro.

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