NACIFIC Stray Kid's Little Forest Vegan Butter Balm 8 Pieces Set

$ 69.00

Nacific x Stray Kids 🌳 SKZ Little Forest 🌳 Vegan Butter Balm Special Edition Set is a special collaboration box! 

The set includes 8 Nacific Vegan Butter Balms x 20 ml and Special Photocards Set (8 ea). 

Fill your daily life with distinctive fragrant! 

  • Diffuse a pleasant scent anytime, anywhere: Express yourself with the subtle scent of the Butter Balm.
  • No-Sticky Finish: Contains plant-derived oil and shea butter to provide deep moisture without any stickiness.
  • Multi-use balm: It can be used for a variety of purposes as you want, such as hair and so on.
  • Free from 12 kinds of chemical ingredients: Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzophenone, Paraben 7 Types, CMIT, Silicone Oil 3 Types, Triethanolamine, Tar Color, Animal Raw Materials, and MIT.

Nacific Vegan Butter Balm is a multi-use scented balm that contains plant-derived oil and shea butter to provide moisture without any stickiness. Light and silky texture gently melts and absorbs as soon as it touches the skin.

8 different scents, a portable substitute for perfume.

  1. Tenor: A Fresh and Mysterious Scent
  2. Tutti: A Scent Filled with Pleasant Energy
  3. Lyrics: A Sweet and Elegant Scent
  4. Timbre: A Scent that Fills with the Charm of Tulips
  5. Brass: A Scent with a Warm and Cozy Feeling
  6. Melody: A Walking Bouquet that Brings Excitements
  7. Rondo: A Pure and Innocent Scent that Brings You Back to Childhood
  8. Tune: A Pure Scent that Warmly Embraces You

How to use: Swipe the butter balm to take an appropriate amount and apply to your wrist, behind the ears and end of your hair.

Main ingredients: Shea Butter, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

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